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Performance art

Human Rights Square, Vienna



One month after the revolution was ignited, people were still being oppressed, killed and injured by the criminal acts of their government and the anti-riot forces in Iraq. 


Iraqi Autumn collective continued their protest performance in support of the demonstrations in Iraq, to convey the voice of Iraqi youth, and raise awareness about the oppression of unarmed citizens.



Thousands of courageous young people have occupied Tahrir Square in Iraq since October 1st, 2019. After 17 years of misery, these younglings are demanding the prospect of a future. They protest peacefully for a home without war, hunger and death. But the government tried to stop the protests with all its might, many people died or were seriously injured.

But the revolution had just begun.


On the occasion of this revolution the artist and activist collective Iraqi Autumn came together. Since then, the collective has been intervening in public space and, with its art actions, has not only established an exchange with the protesters in Iraq, but has also sensitised the people here to the situation of the distant and foreign struggle for a just constitutional state.

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