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Rawan Almukhtar, born in Iraq in 1991 and currently based in Vienna, Austria. His visual art is deeply influenced by his background as a political activist and his identity as a trans man. His art revolves around themes of migration, identity, and state violence, reflecting on his own experiences and broader societal issues.

In his series HIJRA, Almukhtar challenges conventional perspectives on migration by creating alternative spaces that disrupt established gaze regimes. Drawing from his personal memories of his flight and the Balkan route, he explores the fluidity of borders and the fleeting moments of resistance within them, offering a visual language that defies traditional boundary lines.

Almukhtar's work blurs the lines between art and activism, often oscillating between photorealism and figurative art to convey the complexities of his subjects. His pieces delve into the concept of state-sanctioned violence, examining global entanglements and political responsibilities. For instance, his piece The Chosen Arm visually dissects the Austrian-made sniper rifle HS.50, shedding light on the consequences of political decisions and the role of nations in perpetuating violence.

Overall, Rawan Almukhtar's art serves as a multifaceted exploration of power dynamics and resistance, urging viewers to reconsider their perceptions of borders, identity, and political accountability.


Rawan portrait photo - Credit Myassa Kraitt.JPG
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