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Rawan Almukhtar is a visual artist, political activist and was born in Baghdad in 1991. He studied painting at the University of Fine Arts in Baghdad. Shortly before fleeing, Almukhtar explored the theme of confessionalized violence at the Takrib Institute for Contemporary Arts in Baghdad. After fleeing Iraq, new opportunities opened up for him to address political issues more directly and critically. Since 2018, he has been studying drawing at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.


The October Revolution of 2019 marks an important break and a new artistic and thematic direction for Almukhtar. Demands for regime change and the fight against corruption initially also inspired Almukhtar's work and political activism in Vienna. After the murder of 800 demonstrators of the October Revolution in Baghdad in 2020, Almukhtar is currently dealing with the issue of state-sanctioned violence.



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